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Fluorocarbon aluminum construction technology

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Fluorocarbon Aluminum Construction Technology:
DF-Z800 aluminum at room temperature fluorocarbon Construction Technology: Substrate à 600 sandpaper à chemical passivation treatment before drying à à à fluorocarbon fluorocarbon finish drying primer à à à test à dried protective film coating
Construction process temperature aluminum fluorocarbon DF-C800: base à 600 sandpaper chemical passivation pre-treatment à à à fluorocarbon drying primer is dry à à à fluorocarbon finish drying (180 ° bake 20min- 30min) à allowed to stand 10min à à inspection cover protective film
1, the construction site guard against fire, to prevent fire.
2, the construction site should be well ventilated, to strengthen the construction of ventilation to prevent poisoning; Do the remaining paint into drains or exhaust pipe.
3, the spray should wear protective masks to prevent inhalation of solvent vapors and paint material; avoid contact with skin and eyes to paint, should wear overalls, gloves, goggles and masks before construction. If paint splashed on the skin immediately with warm, soapy water or other appropriate cleaning agents for cleaning, splashing into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor promptly.