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How to identify the quality of solar aluminum

2016-05-26 05:00:00 click:
Solar Aluminum good and bad, and the huge number of buy aluminum, impossible to check the following teach you how to identify the type of aluminum solar mass:
1, identification check: whether standard solar aluminum and packaging products standard code and production license number, etc;
2, surface quality: in addition to solar energy aluminum surface should be clean, not allowed to have cracks, peeling, corrosion and the presence of bubbles and other defects, but also does not allow corrosion spots, electrical burns, dark spots and other defects off oxide film;
3, the oxide film thickness: Solar aluminum oxide film is formed in the anodic oxidation, with a protective and decorative effect, eddy current thickness can be used for testing;
4, sealing quality: on-site inspection commonly used acid leaching, sealing bad solar aluminum will leave obvious traces, traces of the heavier described sealing quality worse;
5, corrosion resistance: the base can drop test, visual observation of the droplets until bubbling corrosion, the oxide film is penetrated calculate its time, this test is easy in the summer outdoors rough step judgment, in order to ensure the test the accuracy must be carried out in the laboratory requirements under stringent conditions.