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Solar framed machine process flow

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Solar cell module framing machine for packaging purposes can not be ignored. Framed (also called group box), similar to glass mounted to a frame, to the cured laminate assembly mounted aluminum frame to increase the strength of the assembly. Slit border and the battery pack is filled with a silicone resin, further sealing the battery pack to extend battery life. PV modules are automatically set box machine screw connection and Corner riveted aluminum alloy rectangular frame assembly equipment, assembly by the cylinder, cylinder, linear guides and steel made. Applications group box automatic machines, reducing the work intensity, saving production time and improve product quality.
First, the process flow
Solar framed a process flow diagram
[] The battery pack
Inspection procedures on 1.1 - battery pack
A glass should be no chipping, chipping, bubbles;
B Backplane no scratches, drum kits, pleated, smudges;
No components within the C fragment, crack, and films, foreign matter, bubbles;
D trimming should be smooth and no glitches, no residual component positive EVA.
1.2 cleaning process semi-finished products:
1 semi-finished assembly is placed to the table visual inspection to check whether the number corresponding to process the cards and components. Such as failure to return to the procedure and make a record;
2 with a razor blade to scrape off the residual components Front EVA (ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer hot melt glue film);
3 EVA residual spray at the right amount of alcohol and cleaned with a cloth;
4 Flip components on the backplane of the EVA TPT residual spray a small amount of alcohol and scrub lightly with a rag.
Aluminum frame []
2.1 on the test procedure - aluminum frame
A processing of aluminum profiles should meet the requirements. Detection aluminum alloy frame length, angle, twisting degree, embossing depth, hole location and size of angle code should meet the requirements;
B aluminum oxide film frame should be no damage, garbage, border inspection surface shall comply with the requirements;
C for unqualified aluminum alloy frame and corner yard return procedure and make records and statistics;
D to meet the requirements of the aluminum alloy frame and corner code to be placed to the specified location, ready for use;
2,2 cutting aluminum angle code
1 Corner cutting saws Check parameter settings, try cutting profiles, length, cut at the finish inspection after cutting, after reaching mass production required to prepare and, if abnormal timely adjustments.
2 before cutting with compressed air gun before purging the device body, remove the chip on the device, dust, particularly clamping table above, the debris can not influence the positioning accuracy machining.
3 Check the aluminum angle code positioning surface smoothness, if metal chips, sand and other foreign matter or impurities hard protective film wrinkled, surface profile with raised dots, etc. should be promptly cleaned up, we can not afford to deal with the profiles placed in substandard product area, and make a record and statistics;
4 Press the device operating requirements will be placed stacked aluminum angle cutting saws, if the positioning surface impurities or foreign matter should be promptly removed and cleaned;
5 Operation saws the pinch pressing cylinder sections to limit their freedom;
6 Operating dicing saw cutting angle code;
7 with compressed air gun purge clamping table and after cutting angle code, cleaning the chip;
8 scrub, aluminum Corner cleaning after processing, with a dry cloth coolant Corner on the other and dipped in alcohol wipe stains;
9 pairs cut quality inspection, qualified qualified products into the area, into the next process, the failure on the nonconforming area and make a record and statistics;
3, framed
3 framed work process
1 with a pneumatic gun has been loaded into the Corner border and short pit length of the border has been uniformly embossed into the amount of silica gel;
2 will be framed and placed on a battery pack mounted box machine, and fitted with long assembly around short aluminum frame; first placed adjacent to a short and a long aluminum side, and then the battery pack into the fixed aluminum frame groove inside, inside and parallel to the other two sides with an aluminum extrusion
3 framed machine will operate short border Corner pushed long the battery pack is embedded into the aluminum frame within the frame;
4 Remove framed good component is placed on the table, with a file to remove the burrs corner, if dislocation with a rubber hammer trimming. With a thickness gauge (feeler), steel ruler, right angle ruler, tape measure and other tools to detect the size of the joints, dislocation, numerical errors and frame diagonal 90 degree angle error and the like, the assembly qualified into the next process, unqualified then rework repair and make a record;
5 with a glue gun to uniformly fill the gap at the front of plastic;
6 Flip component, the component with the glue gun on the back of TPT and the gap at the aluminum frame were glue;
After the inspection is completed 7 glue seams with silicone border component should be uniform no visible gaps;
8 references cited in the backplane bus bar fight silica that leads on the rear seam is completely sealed;
9 by drawing to select the appropriate junction boxes and even full silicone coating in the junction box on the back of four weeks, according to the paper size junction box and gently pressed against the back of the assembly corresponding position, so that the bus bars through junction box hole with sticky back access;
10 Use a flat screwdriver to press the spring plate junction box connection point on the bus bar into the appropriate contacts, bus bars loosen slotted screwdriver is pressed in case of cross-wiring, must shrink sleeve on each bus bar tube, followed by hot air heating to tighten access to the appropriate contacts;
11 pairs of component again self-test, no abnormal components will be put on the four corners Corner, into the tray, into the next process.
4, Final Cleaning
1 After the module junction box installed on the components on the inspection procedure;
2 cleaning kit front glass surface, aluminum alloy frame front and side. First with a rag to remove excess gap at the front of the component silicone, if the component on the front glass are still remnants of silica gel or EVA, after carefully scraped off with a razor blade, cleaned with a rag dipped in alcohol, such as the case indelible stain, then rub In addition to the eraser. Flip component, using the same methods to clean the back of the backplane assembly, glue seam, border and junction boxes;
3 Check again whether the module surface completely clean, until the time when the cured silicone surface, the junction box cable bundled in the specified location;
Four pairs of component self-test to check whether the quality of the process to achieve the framing completed test.
Second, the framing device
1, the framing device
Processing and assembly in the box step includes two framed aluminum profiles
Section, so the use of equipment is divided into:
1, aluminum processing equipment
2, the assembly is mounted chassis
1.1 aluminum processing equipment:
1,45-degree angle aluminum double-headed Saw
For cutting the ends of frame aluminum 45-degree angle
2, aluminum Corner cutting saws
Corner for aluminum profiles according to specifications to be cut
3, press
Corner punching and embossing for the aluminum frame after cutting
1.2 framing device
1, framed machine
For the component is mounted on a laminated cured processed aluminum frame
2, pneumatic gun
For injecting silicone in the aluminum frame
    3, glue gun
Backplane glue for installation and connection box
Third, pay attention
1, the process should be all operations by operation processes, non-random changes in device parameters; there is a problem during the operation, should first report to the person in charge of production
2, check whether there is a hard work surface foreign body, knives and alcohol and other items should be placed in the specified location. Do not use a blade scraping back to prevent scratches TPT
3, semi-finished cleaning: After cleaning semi-finished components required to be placed in a designated area, and cleaned well identified
4, aluminum processing: aluminum in the handling process to gently, before processing to prevent bruising and deformation; good frame after processing by family size and segregated in the designated area can not mix
5, sealant: according to process requirements in the frame slots into the amount of silica, silica gel tank should be full uniform no bubbles; each time the number of open silicone sealer not more than 10, in order to prevent the sealing portion of the surface of the cured silicone
6, Framing: Framed by two when using the four corners of the glass cover your hands, causing components to prevent chipping machine on the corners to bump; aluminum frame should be flat against the flat, the corners to prevent scratching or human TPT ; the timely removal of burrs after framing is complete corner, beneath the border to prevent scratches when placed in stacked oxide layer
7. Install the junction box: silicone should be consistent uninterrupted full cartridge body sides and the back of the bus bar lead gap
8, finished cleaning components: border residual stain and scratch on silica gel with a razor blade can not be treated in accordance with the requirements of the process, according to the requirements of good cleaned identified after cleaning.