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Sen-PV aluminum products development goals

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With the introduction of the national "five" strategic emerging industry development planning, knowledge and technology-intensive, and less consumption of material resources, growth potential, comprehensive benefits good industry is becoming global and long-term needs of social development. Of which environmental protection, the emerging information industry, biological industry, new energy, new energy vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials become the national focus on fostering and development of seven new industries.
Sen-PV national policies conform to development-oriented, had earlier into the new field of energy, solar energy has become one of the largest suppliers of aluminum, since Sentong photovoltaic inception, already has a number of national patent aluminum alloy, a variety of product specifications model.
Sen-Solar photovoltaic technology will continue to increase research and development efforts, started research and development of new composite magnesium aluminum chromium solar technology, photovoltaic curtain wall to further seize the market and create more economic benefits for enterprises, but also social value benefits the country.