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Flat plate solar collectors aluminum frame profile design process

2016-05-30 05:28:40 click:
Aluminum frame design
Aluminum frame design agency has an open cavity, single chamber, dual chamber. According to the material and back Bohou different (embossed aluminum, galvanized sheet and color plates) nip back groove has Yangkou, there are flat; the tank has a large bite prong with small, deep root there are shallow. Depending on the product quality and strength requirements, various structural parts of the thickness of the aluminum material side selected will be some differences, and finally the production process and profiles manufacturers, pull-type precision also have a great relationship, mainly for the above profiles and collector products relationship quality. If the design problem, there will be four corners of joints increases, aluminum timely pressure deformation, deformation back, nip lax, aluminum backplate bottom deformation, hydraulic riveting set angle and angle is not ideal and other issues.
Aluminum material design Corner
Some Corner applicable manual assembly, some are suitable for automatic hydraulic riveting, although now we have a variety of use, but for automation package must have special requirements, or, in the use of the process, there will be a different problem, I hope you pay special attention to parts of the design.
With the precision and aluminum angle code
There are two aspects, one is the design itself and precision aluminum angle code, the other is cutting and precision aluminum angle code. Many manufacturers of this issue was not taken seriously enough, a problem has been to find a cause, in fact, just a small detail of local, affecting the overall quality of products.
Note that the above problem is the design and use of aluminum and accessories needed, therefore, flat plate solar collectors automatic packaging line design must require customers to provide aluminum materials, Corner, backplane and other specific parameters. Currently, the flat plate solar collectors automated production line consists of the following components: 1. Automatic framing machine; 2. Automatic back-nip system; 3. Automatic stack buffer; 4. Automatic gluing station; 5. Normal transmission work platform; 6. Glass vacuum suction machine manipulator; 7. Automatic pre-packing robot; 8. Automatic balers; 9. Automatic palletizing robot. More advanced automated assembly line can be added gluing machine, automatic drying, core board automatic installation robot, automatic thermal sealing, laser marking machine, etc. functions, the needs of enterprises according to their actual situation to buy.
Clear corporate positioning
Companies need to give their positioning on the plate automated production equipment, because now the market is mainly divided into two major directions, aluminum alloy frame and the whole backplane, automated assembly line equipment have a common place, but there are still great the difference, and the size of the investment is not the same.
Small quantities of suitable single production
Automated assembly line suitable for mass production, if it is a single small batch production and model specifications change frequently, it is best to use a stand-alone artificial production.
Before the equipment to be comprehensive survey
Automatic assembly line equipment for a comprehensive survey, because it is highly mechanical and electrical integration, any part of a problem, the whole line will stagnate. Enterprises to purchase of equipment according to their actual needs modular, with the rapid development of flat panel manufacturing process, upgrade of equipment is particularly rapid, it must be able to guarantee at any time based on business development and process improvement apparatus can upgrade module combination and followed process requirements.
With the improvement of improved and automated equipment manufacturing precision aluminum frame packaging technology, now back on the market as a whole collector comparable Apple phone shape, but also be able to create a flat-panel TV shape aluminum frame collectors, and with the overall backplane collector evenly divided.