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Offer a caring, a little more brilliant soul

2016-05-19 10:31:00 click:
----- Sen-PV and Kai Yuet special children's rehabilitation center "Love with your peers" was held Fun Games
Introduction: Everyone wants to have a happy childhood, my mother took my father's hand to the park together, hungry to eat good food; in kindergarten and the children were playing together, singing taught songs, each second memories are sweet sweet honey, happy happy. For most people, these are not difficult to achieve, however, so a group of children in their childhood, perhaps there is no sound, and perhaps only remember fragments of incomplete memories, perhaps some fundamental childhood nothing Knowing "" they are a group that we too need care groups.
   June 1, 2015 morning, Sentong photovoltaic composed of six people, "Sen-PV philanthropic group" drove Kai Yuet special children's rehabilitation center, caring for the children gave a hope that through the efforts of drip to help them in childhood left good memories.
      To more than nine, the children were in attendance. On the surface they and other children and it is not the same, are cute innocent face, laughing is a lovely blossoming flowers, people looked wanted to close. In the teacher's kids are sitting arrangement, most of the children are well behaved, and some children but always sit still. School official Liu introduced Road, some children born with autism, some due to the development of the brain is not perfect mental retardation "" They all need to be carefully taken care of.
      As Sen-PV volunteers, our aim is to communicate with the kids together, so that each of them happy. We do a simple self-introduction, enthusiastic children before we finished speaking rushing hugged us, we were amused by their actions. Teachers and parents help, we play together handle a circular motion, transportation radish, two three-legged, Diushou Juan game, play very happy. After the game also eat a delicious KFC, children are enjoying lunch this after exercise.
      After the event, we are filled with emotion. Each of them is so cute, every happy smiling face is a long time not well attended. For these special children, they may be more difficult to use language to express feelings, may not know how to be friendly to others, but they all have a childlike heart, need our care and care. At the same time, such as children rehabilitation centers are not the only vulnerable groups, there are many around us who need our help. They hope to get a little warm, some of love, even if it is just a simple hug, but also make them laughed.
"Love" is the theme of life will never fade, the original intention of the team also want to make "love" sustained delivery, and by the beginning of each blog's efforts, people infected around, devoted themselves to a love, so that more of a soul brilliant. We are a member of society, let us act together more involved in caring charity, took the torch of love stick, a bit of love and dedication, illuminating every corner of society. We are the original intention, we have been working hard!