Corporate Responsibility


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Corporate Responsibility

Sentong with employees
Caring staff, we are taking action
In order to better strengthen the management of the staff of life, improve the living standards of the staff, to ensure the quality of life of employees, the company set up a special team ---- love. Love team will in time for our staff to transmit information, strengthening communication, the staff of life for the problems in a timely and effective solutions. Employees will also reflect the doubts and difficulties. Paid great attention to hot issues, and timely follow-up reports.
Employees live a good life, to the staff to ensure a good body, so that employees have a good mood, and create a good living environment for employees, which is caring staff, unite the people, building a corporate culture characteristics of important initiatives, It is also an important measure genuinely caring staff, structure and team. Pieces of small things, such as the rain softly, delicious nourishing the hearts of employees.
1, the establishment of staff exchange chamber
In order to better listen to the voices of employees, not to spare Sentong build communication platform, so that the space has been freed employees say. At this stage, in any business, in addition to material rewards, in recognition of the spirit, skills training and other traditional care model, the distance exchange enterprises and workers has gradually been listed as an important position, to become an integral part of business management. To this end, the company set up special union workers exchange chamber provides a platform for the exchange of mind for all employees.
2, regular meetings of staff communication will be zero Care
Employees will regularly carry distance communication, and one communication discuss a collective approach to employees and officers, employees, and between employees in psychological communication, enhance mutual trust and mutual understanding. While promoting efforts to achieve the relevant departments of the company to employees intimate, feeling, difficult to know, just in time to the relevant departments to reflect the reasonable demands of the masses of workers and help resolve, with affection, passion, heart feelings of the employees gather together.