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Company culture

Vision and Mission:
Vision: to do first-class enterprises, and actively committed to environmental protection, social responsibility and economic development.
Mission: Service PV industry development.
Values: professional, timely, patient, quality, price, the customer first.
Sentong and environment:
Environment, Health and Safety
        Sen-adhere to the "leading science and technology, people-oriented" concept of development, attaches great importance to innovation and technological progress and development, the environment, health and safety (EHS) concerns. Always put the protection of the environment, protect the lives of employees safety and health in the first place, advanced EHS concepts into the whole process of decision-making and production activities, to take effective preventive measures to ensure that employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and health and safety of other stakeholders to protect the environment through continuous improvement, constant pursuit of excellence in EHS management, forest through production management and safety and environmental protection mutually promote harmonious development.
       Based on the full recognition within the scope of business activities of EHS hazards and harmful factors and regulatory requirements, combined with the company's internal production environment, a comprehensive analysis of employees, customers and the general public needs to establish guidelines ---- EHS compliance, cleaner production, Construction of green homes; safety first, continuous improvement, to protect the health of employees. According to GB / T24001 (ISO14001) environmental management system standard, GB / T28001 (OHSAS18001) occupational health and safety management system standard.